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In this page, I will share my thoughts about several topics including people, cinema, history, recommendation, life experience etc. My intention to build this blog is that I want to share my feelings independently due to social media platforms generally either do not provide such a place or (even if they do) do not meet the same effect. Moreover, having a blog is cool :) . Even though the content of my website is written in English, I would write some of my blog articles in Turkish since I believe that I can express my feelings much better in this way for particular topics.

May 28, 2018
Color in Photography: Autochrome Lumière

The most beautiful thing about photography is that it confines the particular moment forever. Since it achieves one of the earliest desires of human beings that preserving memories (especially young reflectance of themselves), it immediately gained attention and became popular. The mechanism is actually so basic and known from the earlier centuries. If you have a simple box that contains a single slight hole, in order to obtain light from a particular direction, you can get a reverse image of the original one standing in front of the hole. This is called as camera obscura. Photography is actually based on this concept. However, since this article is not about basics of the photography, I do not intend to give more details. The topic is about a method for early color photography.

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Aug. 20, 2017

I had many great experiences and memories in my first year at Bogazici University. However, if I choose one of them as the best, that would be the Colibri-Erasmus program carried out by seven universities and funded by the European Union. The program was for graduate students and its main goals were to give the students abilities and experience about developing group projects in an international-multicultural concept and exploiting online education technologies for various courses. This concept is called blended learning. Therefore, those seven universities were from seven different countries including Denmark, Turkey, Spain, Germany, Latvia, Norway, and Poland. Even though making a group project with your already known teammates is hard to do, you can imagine the gain/experience you would have when you accomplished this course successfully.

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Sept. 10, 2016

“Bir mağara düşün dostum... Girişi boydan boya gün ışığına açık bir yeraltı mağarası... İnsanlar düşün bu mağarada. Çocukluktan beri zincire vurulmuş hepsi; ne yerlerinden kıpırdamaları, ne başlarını çevirmeleri kabil. Yalnız karşılarını görüyorlar. Arkalarından bir ışık geliyor; uzaktan, tepede yakılan bir ateşten.” 

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