Baris Yamansavascilar

Software and Research Engineer | PhD Candidate

Throughput-maximizing OFDMA Scheduler for IEEE 802.11 ax Networks
Mehmet Şükrü Kuran, A. Dilmac, Ömer Topal, Baris Yamansavascilar, Stefano Avallone, and Tuna Tugcu

In this paper, we develop a novel throughput-maximizing OFDMA scheduler for the multi-user MAC framework for the IEEE 802.11ax networks. The scheduler works both in the downlink and uplink directions and assigns resource units to stations using a linear programming technique considering load of each client, possible resource unit configurations, modulation-coding scheme of each client, and ageing factor of each client’s load. The performance of the proposed scheduler has been evaluated using the NS3 simulator and compared against the legacy MAC layer mechanism of IEEE 802.11 protocol (i.e., DCF/EDCA). Simulation results show that our proposed throughput-maximizing scheduler increases the total throughput in the network as well as decrease the average end-to-end delay regardless of the number of stations connected to the access point by prioritizing the traffic of clients connected via high modulation-coding schemes.

Published In:
IEEE 31st Annual International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications

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