Baris Yamansavascilar

Software and Research Engineer | PhD Candidate

Preprint of our latest research
July 14, 2023

We have submitted our latest research which is on the dynamic capacity enhancement problem. Especially, after the devastating earthquakes with magnitude 7.8 and 7.5 which hit south and central Turkey on February 6, one of the most important problems in the affected region was the deprivation of communication. Therefore, this disaster has shown once more that a dynamic capacity enhancement scheme for the continuity of communication and computation services regarding extraordinary events must be considered. 

In this study, we propose a new computation paradigm, air computing, which is the air vehicle assisted next generation edge computing through different air platforms, in order to enhance the capacity of the areas affected by an earthquake. To this end, we put forward a novel paradigm that presents a dynamic, responsive, and high-resolution computation environment by explaining its corresponding components, air layers, and essential advantages. Moreover, we focus on the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) deployment problem and apply three different methods including the emergency method, the load balancing method, and the location selection index (LSI) method in which we take the delay requirements of applications into account. 

You can view the preprint: