Baris Yamansavascilar

Software and Research Engineer | PhD Candidate

I graduated from Bogazici University
July 16, 2019

I have got my Master of Science (MS) degree from Bogazici University. I would like to copy the contents of the acknowledgements chapter of my thesis in here since it expresses my feelings well.

"If you have a supervisor like Prof. Cem Ersoy, your life as a MS student is enjoyable since you are regularly provided with elegant lunches and dinners, and you are invited to cozy activities during your studies. He is my role model and I am so lucky to have such a supervisor. Moreover, if you have a co-advisor like Assist. Prof. Atay Özgövde, the details of your work can create new paths and therefore inspire novel papers throughout your studies. Furthermore, if you have a deus ex machina in your lab like Ahmet Cihat Baktır, you can survive the most desperate situations when you are stuck in a problem. I am very appreciated that I worked with these beautiful people and benefited their wisdom during my MS studies.

I would also like to express my thankfulness to Prof. Tuna Tuğcu, since he opened new horizons to me by involving me into different kind of projects, especially the Colibri Project. By involving in them, I was able to improve my abilities in group projects and presentations.

I would also like to thank my colleagues in NETLAB including Can Tunca, Orhan Ermiş, Raşit Mete Eşrefoğlu, Hüseyin Anıl Özmen, Gökcan Çantalı, Niaz Chalabianloo, Serhan Daniş, Meriç Turan, and Alper Alimoğlu for their friendship, advice, and helpfulness. Without their companionship, I would not have such a great experience during my graduate years.

Finally, I would like to special thank to my sister, Mısra Yamansavaşçılar, and my mother, Nuray Özyavaş whom I dedicate this thesis. Without their support, I would never achieve my accomplishments."